Our Ministries

At Beautiful Savior, we love to be involved in ministries. Take a look at these areas that we serve and see if there is something for you!
Discipleship Ministry

Jesus didn't just tell his followers to make believers; he told them to make "disciples," in other words, more followers.  And not just any kind of follower; he's wants his disciples to follow him eagerly, willingly, with full devotion.  So this ministry seeks to build new Christians into maturity on several levels:
  • character
  • lifestyle
  • ministry
We use the Word of God, the Bible, as the power tool for growing spiritually, while other resources are carefully chosen to apply God's timeless principles to real-life issues.

From newborns to the ancient, God has something here for everyone, so no matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you will find something in our Discipleship Ministry that will take you the next step.  Contact us for something you feel a need to grow in.  If we don't have it, you can help us create it!

Community Service Ministry

Our Savior did not call us into his family so we could be isolated.  He sets us right out in the open and wants everyone to observe our life.  As individuals and a family of believers, we try to be involved in the community and give help wherever we can.  Sometimes it's with the local Food Bank, sometimes it's in park clean-up's, and sometimes we create English Conversation groups.  We hope it's clear:  It's fun to be authentic Christians!  Check our What's Happening page for what's going on lately.

Women of Faith Ministry

Our women's ministry has often been the go-to place for getting tasks done.  These are true, servant-hearted believers, whose input and help are indispensable.  Monthly meetings help them look ahead in keeping the church on track with the aesthetics and sense of honor to God in our facilities.  They create and oversee the fellowship activities that keep our members and friends in fun, entertaining contact with each other.  Check our calendar for coming events they're planning.

Growth Group Ministry

Small groups are becoming the heartbeat of our Discipleship Ministry.  In groups from six to twelve people, everyone gets a chance to feel belonging and to participate; no one gets marginalized.  Growth Groups meet first to get to know one another and bond together, then they open up topics, books and Bible studies that are particularly meaningful to the individual group.  The groups work on a two-month cycle, so it is easy to start new groups, step out, or step into a new group.  See Our Gatherings for current groups and to sign up for a coming group that interests you.