FamilyTrip Sermon Series

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Dad Gets a Map
What makes a family healthy?  How do you get there?  What do you need?  And what should you avoid?  This series helps provide a focus and foundation to work on, some essentials for a happy, healthy family.

Mom Chills
Having your family healthy is like taking a trip: the essential details need to be in place.  In our observation, the role of moms has mostly morphed into trying to shoulder the burdens of both mother and father; some moms really dread the journey.  Today’s message intends to help moms find some balance in their role and some fulfillment in motherhood.

Kids with Curbs
Our series on what makes families healthy continues with identifying one thing children will never request but deep down can’t live without: boundaries. We’ll see the surprising difference between what most parents think are boundaries and what they actually are.

Trail Mix From...
Our family “trip” winds up this Sunday with some teaching on food, eating disorders and snacking concepts – especially of the spiritual kind.  What kids eat and don’t eat at this level can make or break them.  Want to make sure the families you know are on a healthy journey?